Meet Our Stationary and Sticker Artists

Lighthouse has some adorable sticker designs and stationary goods available. They sell out quite quickly. Follow us on instagram for updates on the latest drops!


I’m! I’ve been a self taught, acrylic/multimedia artist
since I was a little kid. Painting has really helped my introvert self
heal and express what’s in this brain of mine. My work is inspired by growth and beings from this world or another and I’m very grateful to be able to share my art with the universe!


Mars Arts

With a colourful history of dance, music, and fine arts, Marissa found herself expressing her emotions through these many forms of art. Her artistic practice began when she was very young and the passion began to
grow tremendously.

“Art is a place where I can fully express myself and be rewarded for it." -M


Mindful Colorings

We create all-in-one mental health journals that are designed to reduce anxiety and promote a peaceful mindset. This journal combines Cognitive Behavioural Therapy techniques and Anxiety-Reducing Colouring to actively combat negative thoughts. Our mission is to make prioritizing mental health simple!


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Prints by Rish

Hi there! My name is Rish, I am a self-taught illustrator/artist from Alberta, Canada. I started my shop in 2020 as a way to share my passion for art. I am a hardcore bullet journalist (if that is even a thing) and I compiled many of my sticker ideas that I wished I had in my journals, and brought them to life.


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Wokeface began as a street art project but quickly grew into a movement and brand. My goal is to facilitate self love and a sense of connectedness to fuel a more compassionate and harmonious existence, and to infuse that ethos into illustrations and objects.


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Talking Out of Turn

More information on this amazing vendor coming soon!


Idlewild Co.

Idlewild Co. is a boutique paper goods & gift company founded in 2010 by artist & designer, Katie Gastley.


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